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And the Winner Is...

And the Winner is...

Desi the Blonde

I want to thank you all for commenting. I do have more of that short, but due to my traveling during the days of the blog hop I was unable to get it typed in and posted. I will be posting it at a later date though. So be sure to follow me (here and/or on Twitter), like my Facebook page and I'm also in the process of getting a Newsletter set up if you'd like to sign up for it. You can also find out more about me and all of my books on my Amazon Author Page

I hope to have my website updated and the first newsletter out by the end of August. 

Congratulations, Desi. I'll be sending you an email to confirm I have the correct email address for you before I send out the PDF. I hope you enjoy "Falling Star". Don't forget to check out "Shooting Stars" which features how Schyler and Willa's relationship started. :)

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stars and Stripes, Part One: A Wish Upon a Star Tale

Stars and Stripes, Part One
A Wish Upon a Star Tale
by Shay MacLean

Vanessa Ó Rinn took a deep breath and pushed the memory of Jin Wu dancing with Mizuki Turner out of her mind. She’d been haunted by images of them together for two months now. No more. She’d made a conscious decision to not think of them to enjoy herself when she’d accepted Willa’s invitation to the barbeque Schy and Kee had decided to throw for the 4th of July.

Enjoying meant not thinking about them or what had happened in the past. What had happened back then was over and there was no looking back.

Sighing Nessa frowned as she finished arranging carrots on the veggie tray and she realized Willa and Schy had never had a barbeque for July 4th before. She had a mental note to ask her about it later and picked up the tray to take it outside. Pushing the screen door open Nessa stepped out onto the deck without looking up. “Hey, Willa, where do you want the veggie tray?”

“Just put it on the table under the kitchen window,” Willa called from the other side of the deck.
Nessa smiled when she heard Willa giggle. She didn’t need to look at her best friend to know that one of her husbands was probably doing something to make her reach that way. In fact she was certain she didn’t want to look. It was bad enough she kept catching Kee and Willa together at the hospital. She really had no desire to see it here.

Nessa glanced up and located the table Willa was talking about. She’d only taken a couple of steps when she stumbled on a loose board and pitched forward. Shit. She let go of the tray and braced herself for the impact with the deck.

Squeezing her eyes shut she was surprised when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her. She took a deep breath to steady her racing heart. “Thanks, Schy. You can let me go now. I’m fine.”

“And if I don’t want to let you go? Now that I have you’re undivided attention.”

Nessa opened her eyes and stared into the deep brown eyes that had been haunting her dreams for the past nine years. “Jin.” She grimaced when his name came out more breathless than she would have liked. She stiffened her spine. “What are you doing here?”

“Probably because of me.”

Nessa closed her eyes at the dulcet tones of Mizuki’s voice sent a shiver racing up her spine. “Please let me go,” she whispered to Jin.

Jin dropped his arms from around her and took a step back. “Rinn, we just want to talk to you. Can you at least listen to what Ryuu and I have to say?”

A tremble of pleasure rippled through her with the way he said the nicknames he’d given her and Mizuki when they’d dated what felt like a lifetime ago.

Mizuki took a step closer drawing Nessa’s attention.

Nessa sucked a breath in at the sight of Mizuki, her black hair pulled into a ponytail which she’d curled into long silky ringlets that brushed her bare shoulders her bone structure and porcelain skin a perfect mixture of her American and Japanese parents genetics. God, she was gorgeous. Nessa dug her fingers into the palm of her hand fighting the urge to push the hair out of the way and replace them with her lips.

She forced herself to return her gaze to Jin. Heat pooled between her thighs at the undisguised lust she saw burning in his eyes. She didn’t have to look to know he aroused by the sensual tension permeating the air around the three of them. She shook her head. “I…I can’t.” She didn’t wait to see if either of them would respond before she fled into the house and practically ran to Willa’s guest room.

As she shut the door behind her she realized Schy had invited all the available members of the hospital staff that had served any time in the Armed Forces. That was why Mizuki was here. She and Jin had been inseparable since she’d come back to town. At least that was the gossip she’d heard from the other nurses.
What the hell was she going to do? She didn’t know if she could handle an entire evening in such close proximity with both of them.

One would have been easy to avoid, but both of them would be impossible. Swiping away the tears she hadn’t even realized she’d shed, she decided she would go tell Willa she had been called in or something.
She had almost reached the door when it swung open.

Mizuki stepped into the room and closed it behind her. She leaned back. “Ness, please hear me out before you leave. I never got the chance to talk to you after you left Jin and I.” She pushed back and approached not stopping until only a couple of inches separated them. “Please, Rinn.”

Nessa felt her heart skip a beat at the sound of Jin’s nickname for her coming from Mizuki’s sweet mouth. She started to shake her head and froze when Mizuki caressed her cheek. “I…”

“I know why you left, but I never got to tell you a proper good bye.”

Before Nessa realized what Mizuki was up to she leaned in and pressed her mouth to her suddenly dry lips.


Happy Forth of July! I hope you all enjoyed part one of my short free read. It's a precursor for the second book of my Wish Upon a Star Series, Dragon Star, which I will be working later this year. Please stop by tomorrow and read the next installment. Comment for a chance to win a copy of Falling Star.

Oh and don't forget to take a moment to remember why we celebrate Independence Day. Remember all the soldiers and their families throughout history who have sacrificed so much for us to live with the freedoms we take for granted most of the time. :) 

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Friday, 17 February 2012

With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop: Winners

With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop Winners!

Wow! This week has gone by fast! Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner. It's been hectic in RL this week. So without further ado, here are the winners of the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop.

A copy of Branded Hearts goes to Laurie
A copy of Shooting Stars goes to Naomi
Finally a copy of Falling Star goes to Katheryn Merkel

I'll contact you to make sure I have the correct email address before I send out your prizes. Katheryn, Falling Star isn't released yet, but as soon as I get my author copy I'll get your prize out to you. :)

Thank you to all who stopped by and left comments. I hope you'll visit again. :)

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Monday, 13 February 2012

With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop: First Kisses- Top Ten Favorite Kissing Songs

Welcome to the final day of the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

Top Ten Favorite Kissing Songs

Today I'd like to share some of my favorite songs about kissing. I actually asked for suggestions in a couple of groups on Facebook and searched YouTube to find some awesome songs about kissing. These are the ones that made my top ten. 

1. Kiss the Girl - From The Little Mermaid
2. This Kiss - Faith Hill
3. You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This - Toby Keith
4. Just a Kiss - Lady Antebellum
5. It's In His Kiss - Betty Everett
6. Kissing You - Des'ree
7.Kiss the Rain - Billie Meyers
8. Then He Kissed Me - The Crystals
9. Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
10. Kiss You All Over - Exile

And now for the exclusive sneak peak from "Falling Star". 

Blurb: Willa Brock has everything a woman could hope for-- great friends, a loving husband, and a rewarding career --at least she thought so until her world began to crumble around her. Almost overnight, she's doubting her abilities as a doctor, and battling some past inner demons.

Schyler is head over heels for his wife, but he still harbors a desire to be with men. When Willa confessed an attraction to her friend, Keenan Fergason, Schy went out of his way to befriend him in hopes of satisfying his desires and igniting new ones with his wife, never dreaming he’d fall for him. But, can he convince Willa that loving Keenan won’t change how he feels about her?

Willa must come to terms with her past before she can realize that the love she has for Schy will only be strengthened in ways she never dreamed if they acknowledge what they both feel for Keenan.  

First kiss between Willa and Keenan:

His eyes were intense, stormy and wild. He clenched his jaw as though trying to contain the emotion she saw swirling in their depths, an emotion she’d rather not contemplate at the moment. "Is that what you believe we think of you as, Willa? A possession?

"Isn’t that what I just said? I don’t think I stuttered." She tried to pull free of his grip, but only succeeded in making him tighten it.

"That is so not how either of us sees you," he said, his voice thick and husky as though he was trying to hold back what he was feeling, but not quite succeeding.

"Really? Then tell me how it is that you see me, because from where I’m standing that’s what it looks like."

"We see a woman who’s intelligent, vibrant, commanding, and sexy as hell. And we both just want the chance to hold onto you, even if only for a moment."

Willa tried again to pull free. "That’s all good and fine, Kee, but have you forgotten that I’m married to Schy. You shouldn’t be thinking about holding me. Ever."

Kee raised his hand and cupped her cheek. "You know good and well that he and I both want to have a ménage with you. We’ve hinted at it for several weeks now, Willa. I know Schy has discussed it with you. He told me how he described in detail for you how much he wants to watch while I fuck you. How he wants to fuck your pussy while I work that delicious ass of yours."

The look in his eyes burned deep into her soul. Tempting her... beckoning her to taste what he…they were offering.

Kee leaned in closer. His breath feathered over her lips. "He also told me that he explained to you about wanting to fuck my ass while I fucked you." He stuck his tongue out and licked her lower lip. "I know how hot that made you, Willa. How you went crazy on Schy at the images he painted for you. So tell me again how you don’t think of me holding you? Of both of us holding you?"

Willa opened her mouth, willing her tongue to form the words she knew she should say. But nothing came out. Instead she found herself licking her suddenly dry lips and leaning toward Kee, when she should be pushing him away.

He must have sensed her reaction, because the next thing she knew he was licking her lips, too. Angling his head so he could press his more firmly against hers. He backed up and gazed into her eyes.

She could imagine what he saw there. Confusion…denial…lust…Whatever it was he seemed to consider it for a moment before he claimed her mouth in a scorching kiss.

Kee slanted his mouth across hers and stroked his tongue over her lower lip. Nipping until she whimpered and opened for him.

She met his tongue with hers, moaning deep in her throat as he pulled her flush against the length of him. She didn’t realize she’d wrapped her arms around him until she felt her back pressed into the door behind her as he stumbled forward a step.

He ground his hips into hers. Letting her feel the ridged length of his cock pressed against her stomach. Oh, God! What the hell am I doing? The thought fled her mind as quickly as it was formed when he cupped her ass and pulled her tighter against him.

She couldn’t help but kiss him back. She reveled in the taste of him. Chocolate. Mmmm. He must have been eating his favorite dark chocolate M&M’s again. She wasn’t much for chocolate in general, but the taste of it on his tongue proved decadent. And she couldn’t get enough of it. She sucked his tongue into her mouth savoring the flavor.


Be sure to leave a comment telling me your favorite song about kissing and you'll be entered to win a copy of "Falling Star" when it's released later this month. :)

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop: First Kisses- Top Ten Favorite Movie Kisses

Welcome to the second day of the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

First Kisses: Top 10 Movie Kisses

As I was trying to come up with the posts for this blog hop, my mind somehow zeroed in on kisses. I found myself reflecting on what kinds of posts I could come up with when thinking about kisses. So today I’m going to reveal my top ten favorite movie kisses.

They are in no specific order because to try and rank them from one to ten would take quite a bit of time to ponder. J They are simply the ones that have stood out in my mind as romantic and sexy. Maybe it’s due to the characters who are doing the kissing or possibly even the way the actors conveyed a depth of emotion that sparked something inside my own mind and heart. 

Without further ado, here’s my top ten favorite movie kisses…

Princess Bride- Buttercup and Wesley
Casablanca- Rick and Ilsa
Gone With the Wind- Rhett and Scarlett
Titanic- Jack and Rose
Romeo and Juliet- Romeo and Juliet (1996 version with DiCaprio and Danes)
The Quiet Man- Sean and Mary
Empire Strikes Back- Han and Leia
Spiderman- Peter and Mary Jane
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers- Arwen and Aragorn
Lady and the Tramp- Lady and Tramp

So what's your favorite movie kiss? Or are you like me and have a hard time choosing? :) To continue with yesterday’s theme I'm going to share the first kiss between Willa and Schyler, my hero and heroine from Shooting Stars. 

BlurbDr. Wilhemina Brock prides herself on her ability to keep her private life with her husband Schyler just that – private. But when Keenan, the new nurse on staff, catches a glimpse of her tramp stamp, she’s coerced into spilling the story behind it, revealing how she broke the student-professor boundaries and hooked her husband. Dreams N Fantasies, Amazon

First Kiss between Willa and Schy:

His eyes dropped to her lips. Before she fully realized his intent, he
leaned in.

The first brush of his lips sent shivers down her spine. He cupped her cheek, and tilting
his head, he licked across the seam of her mouth.

Her lips parted on a half gasp, half moan. Heat pooled in her core as he thrust his
tongue inside. She melted against him, clutching her hands in his usual button-down shirt.
She briefly thought about unbuttoning it so she could feel his skin underneath... Wanting…no
needing more. She desperately wished they weren't in such a public place.

When he finally pulled back, she was surprised to see they were alone at the table.
She glanced around to see that her friends had moved away to give them a little privacy.
"Umm…" She didn't know what to say.

"Well, that's not exactly what a guy wants to hear after the first kiss." He brushed her
bottom lip with his thumb. "But, I'll forgive you if you'll go on a date with me."

Willa ran her tongue over where he'd just caressed. She met his gaze when she passed
over the tip of his finger and sucked the tip into her mouth. She let go of it and said, "It's a


Leave a comment telling me your favorite movie kiss for a chance to win a copy of Shooting Stars. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for a sneak peak of a first kiss from my soon to be released Falling Star (which is the sequel to Shooting Stars)!!!

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Friday, 10 February 2012

With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop: First Kisses

Welcome to the first day of the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop!

First Kisses

It’s one of the most anticipated moments in everyone’s lives once they begin to notice the opposite sex. Many actually practice doing it on a pillow, the back of their hand or even in a mirror. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about that all important first kiss.

That moment everyone dreams about from the time they read about it in fairy tales where the prince wakes the sleeping princess with the kiss of true love. It’s also the moment that we dread out of worry because of our inexperience. Some become so nervous they bungle their first attempt or chicken out altogether.

Even as we get older dreaming about kissing that special someone can be both stimulating and frightening. So what is it about kissing that inspires our dreams and ignites our fears all at the same time?

According to a list of fun facts about kissing I read states that the lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers. It went further to say that not even the genitals have as much sensitivity as the lips. Wow! Talk about putting the pressure on.

As a romance writer, kisses between my characters are some of the most important scenes I construct. So many emotions and sensations can be expressed through how they kiss one another.  When writing the first kiss between two or even three characters can be a pivotal moment when one or the other realizes their relationship has moved into new territory. 

In honor of first kisses, I’d like to share with you over the next few days the first kisses between some of my characters. What do you think is so important about a first kiss? Leave a comment and tell me what you find so compelling about the first kisses in romance novels for a chance to win a copy of Branded Hearts.

Here’s the first kiss between the heroines, Maggie and Jasmyn, from Branded Hearts urged on by our hero, Alex.

Alex's tongue traced the outer rim of her ear before he answered. "I
want to show you what Branded is all about, Maggie. Let us show
you how good it can feel to be dominated." He nipped the shell of her

"Is that what you were demonstrating yesterday in the simulation

Alex laughed softly. "That was barely a taste of the world I live in,
Mags." He nipped her ear again.
* * * *
She felt him nod his head slightly just before Jas' mouth touched
hers. She let out a breath she didn't even know she'd been holding.
Jas took advantage of it and stuck the tip of her tongue into her mouth.

Jas pulled her flush against her, tilting her head to gain better

A small moan escaped Maggie's lips.

Jas thrust her tongue inside her mouth, expertly tracing the contours
then sucking on her tongue. Her hands cupped Maggie's face,
caressing along her throat and exposed shoulders.

A shudder racked her at the touch of Jas' long, silky fingertips
brushing the tops of her breasts, before finally cupping one through
the fabric. Jas pinched a nipple through the fabric, twisting gently to
lengthen the slight pain until it blossomed into a new type of pleasure
Maggie had never experienced; one she somehow knew she'd always

She cried out.

She was so wrapped up in what the other woman was making her
feel that she didn't realize that Alex had slipped his hand around her
other side and pushed it between them until she felt him pinch both of
their nipples at the same time.

Jas cried out, the sound lost within Maggie's mouth, and she arched
her back, pushing her breast more firmly against Maggie and into
Alex's hand.

She felt his lips glide up her neck again.

This time he bit into her flesh lightly, the sensations making her
squirm between them. They were sitting so close to her that every
time she moved she bumped into one or the other only to be pushed in
the opposite direction.

She felt Alex's hand on her knee lightly drawing a swirling pattern.

"You see how good it can feel, Maggie. And that's just a drop in
the bucket compared to the pleasure we can bring you in a private
setting." His hand inched up on her thigh, sliding under the edge her

She pulled away from Jas but before she could protest, Alex
removed his hand and pushed her toward Jasmyn.

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To those who read and were looking forward to the posts I mentioned for Twelfth Night, I humbly apologize. Time has gotten away with me and spending time with my family for the holidays. Not to mention, I'm working on learning Dreamweaver to redesign my website as well as working on finishing up my first full length novel, the first book of my Rift Hunter Chronicles, Untamed Hawaiian Heat so I can resubmit it. I hope to have the new website up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy the eye candy I've left you. :)

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