Wednesday, 2 November 2011

NaNoWriMo Inspiration #2

Day 2 of my NaNo journey is over. Day two was an improvement over day one. Still way off of my goal, but at least I had progress. Here's my results for the day/month so far.

Untamed Hawaiian Heat began at 51706 and ended at 51795 for a total of 89 words added.
Branded Souls began at 0 and ended at 449 words.

Combined total for the first two days is 630 words. Only 49,370 more to reach the 50k mark. A daunting challenge, but I'm going to try. My DH has the next few days off so I hope to regain some of the ground I've lost the first couple of days. Now I'm off to work on those edits I mentioned in the first post.

Here's your daily dose of motivation.

If you wish to be a writer; write! ~Epictetus

Go play with your words! Create something wonderful!

Now if he doesn't inspire you to write something  I don't know what will!

On to day 3 for me! Edits this morning and writing tonight after I've attended all the familial duties. Happy writing everyone!


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  1. So Like the Eye Candy! Can I have some!

  2. Keep plugging away at them, Shay! You CAN do it! It's only day 3! Plenty of time. Remember, you can edit later--just get those new words down on the screen (or on paper) for now.


  3. Of course you can have some, Alexx. As long as you don't tell my DH I have it stashed here. :)

    I know I can do it, Kally. Did almost 30k in March with editing so This should be doable. I'll be pulling a couple of alnighters the next couple of days while my DH is on break. That should get me back on track.

  4. Progress is progress. At least we're struggling together.

    Maybe I should pull out my magnetic poetry and start throwing words at the fridge to help write my story. :)

  5. LOL. Siohhan, I was actually looking at their website this morning. I'm seriously considering getting some. Might come in handy to have something like that to play with when Lucien is being a pain in the a**. ;)