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Stuff Your Stocking- The Legend of the Mistletoe Conclusion

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 Here's the conclusion to my free read. Enjoy...

The Legend of the Mistletoe Part III

Paige had balled her fists against the warmth of his chest with the intent to pummel it until he released her. That was until his mouth descended on hers. His lips merely brushed across hers causing her heart to pound until she feared it would burst from her chest. She gasped when he nipped her lower lip with his teeth.

Lachlan took advantage of her surprise and thrust his tongue between her lips.

She tried to break the kiss shocked at the intimacy beginning to envelope them. That thought fled her mind when he swirled his tongue around hers. She moaned into his mouth and curled her hands around his neck angling her head so he would have better access.

He pulled her flush against his length. A groan escaping him when she plunged her fingers in his hair. He surrendered his claim on her lips trailing his kisses across her cheek to her ear. He nipped her earlobe then whispered huskily, “Do ye ha any idea how long I’ve wanted ta kiss ye, lass?”

Paige heard him say something, but she couldn’t seem to process it through the sensual fog he’d created inside her. A fog that continued to grow with each brush of his hands and lips. She could barely breathe. “Lachlan…” His name escaped her. As a plea for what she wasn’t sure. All she knew was she didn’t want to lose the new sensations she was experiencing. She’d been kissed before, but never like this.

Never had she felt such intensity…such passion…such longing to know more.

Lachlan cupped her breast kneading it until her nipple was stiff against his palm.

A jolt of astonishment crashed through her when she felt the warmth of his hand slipping into her bodice. You shouldn’t be allowing this to happen. The little voice in the back of her mind whispered.

He pinched the tight bud causing her to issue a squeak of surprise as pleasure shot through her.

She hugged him closer wanting to feel more. No needing to feel more…of him. The image of him swimming with her brother at the loch flashed in her mind. Would he look the same naked as he had then? That had been the first time she’d seen a naked male body. It was also the day she’d fallen in love with him.

He chuckled against the curve of her neck. “Always were impatient, weren’t you, Sprite?”  He bit into the tender skin.

She gasped. “Please, Lachlan…I need…” What? She knew where this would lead if she wasn’t careful. Another image surged to the surface of her mind. This one of him tuppin’ her as he had that village lass all those years ago. Right on its heels was the memory of how she’d found the girl crying a few days later. She’d coaxed Janet, she thought her name had been, into telling her what was wrong. Janet had been upset because she’d caught him tuppin’ someone else. No. Her heart cried. I will not be another lass he adds to his collection.

Steeling her resolve she pushed all the feelings he’d aroused in her away and stiffened in his arms. “No.” She pushed against him. “I need to go.”

Lachlan went completely still then removed his hand from her bodice. He rose and met her gaze a question burning in their green depths.

“Ye’ve had yer kiss. Now let me go.” She finally managed to say, though she thought she heard a tremor in her voice. She prayed he didn’t.

He studied her for a long moment. “So ye think ye can deny what’s been buildin’ atween us since that summer ye couldn’t stop followin’ me and Chase around?”

Paige barely managed to hide her surprise at his question. She cleared her throat acutely aware that he still had his arms around her waist. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. There has never been nor will there ever be anything building between us,” she said, though she had to concentrate not to allow her brogue to come out. Doing so would alert him to how much he affected her.

Lachlan leaned in and nipped her lower lip again.

She pulled back so sharply he didn’t have time to let go. She refused to soothe the spot with her finger or her tongue. That would only draw his attention to them all the more. “Let go. Or I’ll…”

“Ye’ll what? Scream? Ye won’t do that if ye don’t want to face the consequences if ye do.” He paused for a moment. “And ye know weel enough what I’m talkin’ aboot. Ye wanted me then and ye want me now. The only thing ye donna know is that I’ve felt the same. Ye just were no’ old enough back then.”

Paige stared at him astonishment at his statement causing her to allow her mouth to gap open like a half-wit. When he pressed his lips to hers once more she almost melted into his embrace again. It was only by sheer force of will that she found the strength to push him back and break his hold on her waist at the same time. She met his eyes which still sparked with a hunger for things she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to indulge in. With him.

Forcing the desire to taste them away she spun on her heel and fled back to the safety of the house. She didn’t stop until she reached her room. Though once there she couldn’t resist the draw of the window overlooking the back garden. She approached it and looked in the direction she’d left him.

He was walking toward the entrance of the house then stopped and glanced up.

Their gazes collided. Had he felt her watching him? She wondered. No. He couldn’t have. And though her heart wanted to believe what he’d said about wanting her. She wasn’t a fool. He would never give up his dissolute ways to please a woman.

Determined to avoid him for the rest of his stay with them she turned away from the window and began working on a plan. Absently she traced a finger over her lips which still tingled from his kisses. When she realized what she was doing she dropped her hands to her side. She definitely couldn’t allow him to kiss her again. 


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  4. Great short story! Thank you for the great giveaway and the blog hop! Im having a blast! Happy holidays!

  5. I am so in love with this story. And yes, I still want a Lachlan for my own, so you need to hurry up and write the big book. :)