Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Holidays, Motivation, Writing, Baking...

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already December and Christmas is only eleven days away! This year has been a roller coaster ride for me both personally and professionally (or rather like trying to overcome a fear of rock climbing). J (Sorry, Louisa Bacio, I couldn’t resist putting the roller coaster cliché in there.) More on how my year went in a couple of weeks.

I hate to say that I’ve been totally lacking in motivation to get anything done the last couple of days. So much has been going on the last few weeks with preparations for Christmas and all the cookies that I have to bake over the next week (all from scratch, btw.). That’s not even adding in all the things that have been happening with my kids. So I’ve sat at my computer drawing a complete blank about what topic to write about for a few days now. I’ve finally gotten the blog updated with new graphics. (Yay! That’s one thing I’ve been able to mark off my looooong to do list. The website is the next thing to tackle on that front.) I finally decided I’d just give you all an update on what I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks.

First, I’m putting together a Christmas Round Robin for the Passionate Ink Chapter of RWA. As soon as it’s ready I’ll be posting it on the Passionate Ink’s blog. (Oh, I forgot to mention, I was elected Workshop Coordinator for Passionate Ink! ;) Yay!) Check out the awesome cover that I made for it. Before I forget, be sure to stop by when I post the link, because every person that added to the story will be giving something away. All you have to do is comment to be entered to win. J

During the weekend of December 16-18, 2011, I’ll be participating in the Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop along with 195 other authors! Each blog participating in the hop will have their own contest. So lots of opportunities to win!

And finally, on December 26, I will post the first post of my Twelfth Night posts ending on the day of Epiphany January 6, 2012. For those who don't know what Twelfth Night is, here's what Wikipedia says about it. Twelfth Night is a festival in some branches of Christianity marking the coming of Epiphany and concluding the Twelve Days of Christmas. And in medieval and Tudor England, the Twelfth Night marked the end of a winter festival that started on All Hallows Eve-- now more commonly known as Halloween. On January 6, I will do a drawing for something very special to mark the one year anniversary (okay it's a little early, but not by much!) of my becoming a published author. More details on that as it gets closer to time.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out the awesome Christmas give aways that will be held during the events I mentioned. Until this weekend, my friends. I hope you'll join me here on Scorched Sheets where passion breathes...again soon. 


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