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Guest Blog: Cassandre Dayne

Cassandre Dayne
     We’ve all had a crush on someone at least once in our lives. You know that kinky crush on a man or a woman that makes you sizzle with hunger and your pussy clench with need? Perhaps a new bank teller was hired or maybe the construction worker that handles odd jobs around your house is particularly tasty and all brawny and gorgeous without a shirt, his bronze skin shimmering in the afternoon glow of the sun. I know you must be envisioning his carved muscles and long legs that fit oh so well into a tight pair of jeans. Is he the kind of stud that gives you wicked fantasies every night that leave you breathless and desperate to have a sip of his fine wine? Did he leave you in such need that you pulled out one of your randy little vibrators to use at night? I know I’m getting all hot and bothered thinking about the maintenance man that works in my building. At six foot five and all tall, chocolate and muscular – he makes me swoon every day and…Breakfast Eye Candy is all about him and the fantasy I have about a sweltering elevator in an older building and one tiny key…
     Well…I’ve certainly felt that way more than once or twice and believe it or not, many of the characters I have in my stories are based on some particular hotties that I know or passing. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re going to look and lust for a beautiful creature. That’s human nature and it has nothing to do with whether we’re happily married or in a fantastic relationship. Beauty and sensuality is beguiling and the what if’s are even better.
     I’ve talked about the thought of dangerous men or entering into what some might consider a wicked relationship that could wind up burning you, but doesn’t the thought of being with someone new, someone that is not your type necessarily exciting as hell? How far have you gone to entice a stranger or acquaintance? Have you told him about your desires or allowed yourself to worry about what he might think? Now I know, you ask…what can I really do?
    You can jump in with both feet. Now…if you’re attached, that’s a different story, but if you’re not and you know that hot maintenance man or your UPS guy is single and just the one for you, ladies – why not ask him out? Why not go outside of our comfort zone? What do you really have to lose? My guess is that he’ll be honored and floored. Dating is difficult at best and if you are shy, it’s going to be tougher. Strike up a conversation on Facebook or join a reading group – but you have to say something…don’t you?
     I thought I would take you back to where my naughty writing career began. I have this particular hot UPS man the yes…delivers all kinds of packages to my house including those in plan brown wrapping. He’s tall and also chocolate in variety and the nicest guy you would ever meet. So I had a little fantasy about him one night and Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper was born. See what you think… Careful – VERY “X” rated.

     Oh yeah, Trista Rogers, world famous (at least in her mind) erotic writer had it bad for the stunning UPS man. The sound of the rumbling truck entering her cul-de-sac brought her out of fantasyland. “Oh my, there he is.” She checked her slinky attire and smiled. The tight black skirt and soft fiery red cashmere sweater that showed just the swell of her ample breasts was the perfect sizzling outfit to tempt Al. Yep, she looked hot. At least she appeared ready for him anyway. She set her wine down in the kitchen, glided to the door in her four-inch heels and waited until she heard his boots land with a solid thud on her front deck.
     She threw open the door and pretended to be surprised. “Oh Al, sorry. I was just coming to check the mail.” Not that she didn’t meet him at the door in such a sly way every once in a while, but on this particular day, Trista decided finally to kick up the heat with her attire. She fought a giggle.
     Oh. He noticed.
     The look on his face held shock, desire and something else entirely. Al Weatherby stood speechless. His mouth gaping open, he glanced down the length of her and a tiny bubble formed between his lips. As he blinked furiously, the box tumbled out of his hand bouncing onto the deck. Pop! He choked, sputtered and jerked the small bundle to his chest. “Sorry.”
     Trista felt like a juicy steak nestled on a silver platter. Her gaze fell to the bulge in his pants. She could easily tell his cock was pulsing against the thin material. There was no doubt he was burning hot and turned on as hell. She resisted the urge to reach out and slide her hand down his chest to cup his crotch. “Al, you okay?”
     She smiled slyly and put her hand onto her hip. “How are you doing today, Al? Would you like to come in for a cold drink?” Or a wild little tryst between the sheets? Oh, down girl! Whew baby! Okay, so mixing business with pleasure was dangerous, but what the hell, she was a kinky girl, right? And she had waited far too long for this man. How many times had she thought about asking him out? Scaredy cat! Enough was enough. Trista wasn’t sure if he was dating anyone, but she had to try something, perhaps delicious decadent behavior.
     Al shivered. “Um...that would be thoughtful. Whew, long day.”
     “Come on in. Glad to be of service. I’m having a glass of wine. I know you’re still on duty but how about a cock...a Coke?” She stifled a giggle at her faux pas and grabbed a frosty can out of the fridge. “Glass?”
     “Not necessary.” As he grabbed the slickened can, Al shifted his eyes slowly down from her face to the point that they just hovered over her breasts. Glancing up, he licked his lips and took a long sip, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “Oh, here’s your package. Unfortunately it’s only part of the order.” He set the brown parcel down on the large island.
     She felt the sizzle of his gaze in direct correlation to her now dripping pussy. Oh boy, her panties were already soaked and she was only sharing a drink. “Oh pooh. Well, I guess you’ll be coming...back I mean.” Was she coming on to him? If her pointed nipples were any indication, she knew the answer and hell, so would he.
     He swallowed hard, coughing violently. His fingers bent the can and Coke spewed and he tried to catch the drops with the back of his hand. “So, um Trista? I never asked you, what do you do?”
     “I’m a writer.”
     “Excellent, what do you write?”
     “Oh, I write...saucy little stories mostly for women.” Every time she told a male that she wrote erotic stories, they instantly hit on her thinking she could perform all the acts she wrote about. Granted, as she stood staring at Al’s handsome face and the way his chiseled high cheekbones accentuated his full ruby lips, she had a feeling she could be sweet talked into doing every one of the wild fantasies she wrote about with him. “Yeah, you bring me tools of my trade that I order for research.” Tools of the trade? He brought her kinky little sex toys to use on a cold lonely night and couldn’t wait to see his reaction. Would that give her an indication that he was as wild and wicked as she was?
     “Oh, that’s fascinating.” His face flushed, but he managed to smile and take another sip. “I’m sure that keeps you, overworked!” He took another long gulp of the soda in his hand and this time experienced a full-fledged choke.
     Overheated, huh? She knew he was in a state of arousal. Oh yeah. There was no mistaking his dick throbbing in those oh-so-skin-tight brown pants of his. Trista licked her lips wanting to explore his yummy, thick chocolate stick. Deciding there was no time like the present, she threw all caution to the wind and opened her mouth. “So Al, are you married or could a girl ask you out on a date or perhaps much more? Maybe a little sizzling afternoon nookie?”
     The remnants of the Coke flew out of his mouth and all over her sweater. Beads of perspiration tricked down his cheeks. “I...uh...oh shit sorry!” He jumped into action, slamming the can down on the counter and grabbing her kitchen towel. With frantic hands, he began to rub her chest, gliding over each breast, gathering the remnants of the almost non-existent soft drink.    
     Trista purred. The closeness they shared sent the electricity humming around them into overdrive. She knew that he was about to do something irrational, totally sinful and she pushed. “Al? May I tell you that you are one hot and sexy hunk of a man?”
     He stopped in mid action and slowly lifted his eyes.
     “I’m serious.” Trista cooed.
     Al growled slightly and dropped the towel but continued touching her. Caressing her. He grazed his hand over her fully erect nipple, cupping her breast and kneading her through the soft folds of the racy sweater. “Did anyone ever tell you that you are stunning?”
     “Tell me.” Trista moaned quietly as she fought to get the crystal to the counter before she crushed it between her fingers. The maneuver successfully completed, she stared into his lust filled eyes. Was this really going to happen? Oh my God above, please let this happen. She hadn’t had a man in well over a year. And somehow, the memory of her last encounter left her wishing she pitched for the other team. She nibbled on her bottom lip and parted her legs as far as her tight skirt would allow. She knew he could get into so much trouble with his naughty actions based on what she had read about the UPS code of ethics, but she egged him on with her soft whimper anyway.
     “Dear God woman, you are so damn sexy. I have wanted you for so long.” He jerked her body to his, crushing her lips, his tongue pressing inside.
     She reveled in the sultry taste of her wine and a hint of his cinnamon candy as his tongue ravaged her mouth. She fit perfectly into his arms and as the kiss took on a life of its own, she melted into him.
    As he ground his throbbing cock into the heat of her belly, he nipped her lower lip while his hands massaged and caressed her back. He broke the heated moment only long enough to whisper hoarsely. “Beautiful woman.”
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  Thank you, Cassandre, for stopping by Scorched Sheets. I definitely enjoyed reading your post. ;)


  1. Very good post. If I wanted to conduct a seminar on writing erotica, you would be one of the folks I select!

  2. Why thank you! That's very sweet and doing just that in July! I love doing it.

  3. Oh my, racy stuff, and I love your trailer for Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper!!

  4. Thank you,Cassandre,for dropping by. Love the excerpt!

  5. Thanks JoAnne - love doing the little videos and Shay - having a wonderful time!! Love your site