Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thousand Words or Less Thursday

Everyone knows the saying “A picture’s worth a thousand words”. Being an amateur photographer as well as an author, I’m going to take up the challenge to see if I can come up with a short story to go with the picture in one thousand words or less. I may even go through my own photos and see if I have anything that I can use in this little exercise. Hope you enjoy it!

Angerona sat bolt upright in her bed, sweat dripped down her flushed skin. ‘Oh, God! Not again!’ She lay back and squeezed her eyes shut, attempting to close off all thoughts of the dream she’d been having. Images of heavy snowfall, driving winds and him flooded her mind. Shaking her head she rose from the cozy warmth of her bed and approached the window facing it. Her mind acknowledged that she should be cold since the temperature here in the mountains dropped dramatically this time of year. Especially given that she only wore a thin t-shirt and lacy panties.

But, whenever she dreamed of him, she always woke up in a cold sweat, her skin flushed and sensitive. She gazed at the window pane and her heart began to beat a tattoo against her breast, just like it had when she'd woken a little while ago. Frost covered the glass. Beyond the trees were obscured by swirling snowflakes. It must have been snowing since she went to bed last night. 

A bead of sweat slid down her throat and disappeared between her breasts tickling the tiny hairs on her skin as it went. The stifling heat of the room pressed in on her, making her chest tight with it. She grasped the heavy wooden sash of the window and pushed hard, straining her muscles until it finally gave and went up with a loud creaking sound.

Anger closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, loving the way the cold air stung as she breathed it in. It was a balm to her overheated skin too. Caressing it like an old lover, sending shivers down her spine. She loved winter and all the tranquil beauty it brought. Being born on the winter solstice, her great grandmother had always told her made some of the magic of the Earth transfer into her spirit. 

Not that she believed her or anything. She was pretty old and didn’t seem to be in her right mind half the time. Always talking about magic buried within the Earth and other such nonsense.

Her eyes flew open, a shiver tingling down her spine. One she knew wasn’t from the cold. She was being watched.

She searched the treeline frantically, trying to find whoever was out there. She’s just about given up when she saw him emerging through the snow, which danced around him but didn’t seem to land on him. She gasped, a scream dying in her throat.

How could he be real? He was just a part of her dream…wasn’t he?

She told herself to close the window and lock it, but her limbs wouldn’t obey her commands. Instead, she felt something flare to life inside her. A strange seductive tingle burned it’s way to the surface of her senses, reaching out to the stranger as he closed the distance between the trees and her window.

He was enormous. Standing well over six feet, she couldn’t be sure how much more from this distance. His legs were incased in what appeared to be black leather pants that hugged every curve to perfection. His chest was bare, but for a marking she couldn’t make out on his left pectoral muscle. The hair brushing his shoulders was black with one thick stripe of pure white on the right side.

A shock coursed through her when she met his pale blue eyes. They were the color of the glaciers she’d only seen in pictures her Grandmother had shown her. 

Her eyes widened when she realized they were glowing with an eerie otherworldly light. What the hell was he?

Your soulmate! A voice inside her heart whispered, sending a surge of heat coursing through her to pool within the core of her sex. She glanced up at the window pane and started frantically trying to pull it closed. 

Like hell he was her soulmate. She didn’t believe in that kind of shit. That was her crazy Grandmother’s thing.
She believed in what she made out of her life. Not something someone else felt was preordained. Even as that thought floated in her mind, she felt another surge of that strange energy surge up and she stopped what she was doing when she saw a glowing silvery light trickle from her fingertips and float across the distance to where the man stood only twenty feet away now. She stood transfixed as he paused in his advance and held out his hand. 

A blue tinged silvery orb formed on his palm, glowing with that same strange light as his eyes. The ribbons of energy, if that’s what it was and she was highly skeptical about that, twisted through the air until it reached the orb. They coiled around the ball of light and seemed to mingle with it before being absorbed into it.

He looked up, his eyes locking on hers immediately. Mine!
She heard the word growled within her mind by a very masculine voice. She opened her mouth to scream as she saw the orb begin to pulse with a fiery red luminosity. 

Whatever was inside her that had produced the energy ribbons seemed to sigh in contentment. Yes! As much as you’re mine!
Somehow she found the strength to force her legs to move and began scrambling backward, but it was already too late…Suddenly he was in the room, right in front of her.

Before she could make a sprint for the door, his arms closed around her like steel bands. Oh, God! Please don’t hurt me! Next thing she knew and definitely the last thing she expected, he claimed her lips with his own.

Until we meet again....



  1. OMG- I did this before- take a picture and make up the story behind it- that is so much fun and you did a great job

  2. Awesome but no fair! I want to know more - lots more. You're just going to have to expand that one!!!!

  3. What Lee Ann said. Quick snap another picture so you can continue. :) Nice job.


  4. Shay, please continue this. Hunt for a picture that give us the rest of the story!! Great idea and great job.

  5. Thank you, Ladies! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it. This will be a new regular feature here. I will continue the story, because it's actually an idea I had for an elemental series. If I can, I'll find more pics and use them to continue it. I will finish the story eventually. ;)