Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Scorching Excerpt from Rockstar

by Em Petrova

Sig’s feet cut divots into the sand as he came to her. “Baby. Come here.” He drew her into his arms then, and her world tilted sharply on its axis, pulling away from sanity and reality into a realm of superstars and this delicious man. The man who had invited her, of all people, to share his time off in Maldives.

He took her hand and led her out of the trees. “Wait,” he said, turning back. “Are you wearing sunscreen?”

“Yes. I slathered it on before I left the plane. I burn quickly, despite my dark hair and eyes. The tube is in my bag. Do you have some with you?”

“Yes. I thought of it on the way out of the house. Come and sit and talk to me, loabi.” 

“What is that?”

“An endearment in Dhivehi, the native language to Maldives. Tell me about you. What have you done since we met?”

Waves of heat swelled from the sand, and he chose a ring of shade near the base of a tree, but with a clear view of the water. The aquamarine ocean lapped the edges of the sand. Sea birds wheeled over the water, and schools of fish flitted beneath the surface, visible in the crystal-clear water for a long distance.

Magnolia sank to the sand, taking care to pin the hem of her dress beneath her hips. She cocked her head and for long moments, her gaze ran over his face, his hair, down his chest to the hardening bulge in his shorts.

Sig’s smile spread as slow as honey. “What?”

Her teeth sank into her lower lip, and then released it. “It’s like a dream.”

He reached for an errant curl that fell into her eye. The coil slipped through his palm. He brought it to his nose, inhaled, and let it slide over his lips.

A hungry groan burst from him, setting her ablaze with the memories of him making that sound. He crushed her curls in his fists, and then her tongue was against his.

In one swift movement, she was under him. A puff of laughter burst from her lips and rumbled through his chest as he claimed her mouth. She opened wide to accept his tongue, pressing hers against his, withdrawing, swirling in a mating dance.

She made a small noise of wanting in her throat. He moaned and deepened the kiss. His tongue met hers stroke for stroke, igniting a fire that couldn’t be doused. His hand knotted in her hair as the other slipped over the hollow of her belly.

She arched her back, and her full breast filled his palm. The juicy peak hardened, and they shared a groan as his thumb circled it.

“Sig. Sig. I’ve wanted this for weeks.”

He tore his mouth away to stare into her eyes. “Weeks?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” She clasped his shirt and brought him back to her mouth.

He smiled against her lips, and she felt the soft brush of his teeth against hers. “I like an eager woman.”

“What woman isn’t eager with you?”

She imagined that to most women, a night with him was a status symbol. A leg-up in the industry or a way to give themselves importance. They didn‟t see past the flashbulbs of the photographers or the costumes he wore onstage. But she saw only the amazing man hovering over her.
Sig sank his tongue deep into her mouth and his hips mirrored the action, pressing her down into the sand. His cock swelled, stretching the fabric of his shorts.

He captured her hands and pinned them to her sides. Grains of sand worked between their fingers, gritty in sharp contrast to her skin. In little nipping bites, he tasted the point of her chin, the tender underside of her jaw, and the pulse of her throat. There he found the dew caused by the tropical heat, and he lapped it away.

His hair spilled over her round breasts as he nuzzled them. Through the thin cotton of her dress, he drew the tip of one breast into his mouth. He forced moist, hot air through the fibers, and she cried out.

“God, Sig. You’re good. So good. Don’t stop.”

His heated attentions flowed through her body, melting the crust of ice she‟d created around her heart. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to wrap her lips around his throbbing rod and pleasure him.

He released her hands and stroked the undersides of her arms, slowly. Gooseflesh rose in his wake, down, down, over her wrists where her pulse throbbed, to her damp palms. Palm to palm, to the ends of her fingers.

Magnolia’s back arched off the sand and he slipped his hands into the space, bringing her breasts against his mouth. He nudged aside the cloth and edged his tongue beneath the satin of her bra.

Deftly, he pinched the clasp of her bra and sprung it. She moaned as the constricting band loosened. He ran his hands down the curve of her spine, to her ass. He kneaded the round globes for the barest of moments before sliding her panties off. Next he lifted the hem of her dress and drew it upwards.

“I’ve got to see you beneath the Indian sun. Golden and glistening with sweat,” he rasped, and tossed her dress away. It floated to the sand in a crumpled whisper. He peeled away her nude satin bra. Her breasts popped free, the nipples straining for his touch.

He dropped his mouth to one, worshipped the tip with his tongue. It puckered, and he sucked it for a long time before turning to the other.

Magnolia’s breaths came in small squeaking moans as he ravished her. Her nails scraped his shoulders lightly, and she couldn’t wait to sink them deep into his muscles, as she had when he entered her before.

“I’m going on a kissing journey,” he said, pressing a kiss to the cramped space between the mounds of her breasts. “Here.” He delivered a wet kiss to the V of her ribs. “And here.” The dip of her belly. “Can’t let this go untouched.” His tongue swirled about her outy bellybutton. She sucked in a sharp breath. “And this is the destination.”

He plunged his tongue into her moist dark curls, moaning at the flavor of her musk. The slippery nub pulsed against his lips, and she gripped his head and lifted her hips to his mouth.

“Oh, God, Sig. Don’t stop. More, more, more.”

He prodded her honey hole with the tip of his tongue. Juices flooded her slippery folds. Slowly, he worked upward in small brushing strokes, until he found her core. She stopped breathing as he lapped at her love nub. Each stroke brought her hips off the sand.

“Sig. Sig, I need you.”

He ignored her and sucked her clit into his mouth, raising a scream from her. The sound of her pleasure mixed with the low babble of water and the rush of breeze. Sig slid one finger into her tight sheath.

The walls of her pussy pulsed. He added a finger to his first, and drove them gently upward, pressing against the inner wall where her g-spot was located. Pressing. Releasing. Until she felt the first tremors take her. Her slit tightened beneath his mouth, and he held her hip with one hand to keep her against him as waves of ecstasy shook her. He increased his speed on her clit, driving her higher.

Her fists twisted in his shoulder-length hair, and her love cream flooded his tongue. His fingers worked more slowly, his kisses tender and open-mouthed on her soaking sex.

“Please. I need you.”

He lifted his head. Their eyes clashed louder than a fifteen foot wave on the shore during a storm. His expression would live forever in her memory, even after this affair ended. And it had to end. It was too good. Nothing this good could last. Not for Magnolia.

He surged upward to capture her mouth. Untamed emotion warred through her. Her hands worked the front of his shorts and she ripped off his shirt. In seconds, he was nude, a condom rolled into place, poised, and she was going fucking nuts with the need to feel him inside her.
But first, she had to know. “Why did you bring me here, Sig?”

“After that night in my dressing room, I couldn’t stop dreaming about this, Magnolia. I woke from one dream still pulsing with orgasm. I haven’t done that since I was fifteen. Now look into my eyes while I take you, Magnolia. Don’t look away from me. Not once.”

In one thrust, he sank to the root. His rock-hard erection was sweet torture. He held still, making love to her gaze, amazingly in control. Her lips were still damp from his kisses, swollen and deliciously bruised.

Her heel hitched around his hip, and he started to move. Slow, deep, long thrusts that drew gasps from them. Faster, her core on fire, the head of his cock bumping her womb with each movement. Her world narrowed. The rush of the sea faded, and she was deaf to everything but the blood in her ears. The sun dimmed, and only Sig Locke remained lit.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of Rock/Star-Adventure Two of FORBIDDEN
Em Petrova

Thank you very much, Em, for stopping by. I look forward to having you on Scorched Sheets again!

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